Hi Punk!

Welcome to the landing page for PunkGrandad.com, a site written by an old crusty Punk based in Southampton, England......not exactly the hub of the Punk scene. Here you will find a Blog and a Shop where you can read my rants, reviews and general rubbish - or buy yourself a T-shirt that has a blend of humour and homage....Punk for the Pensioner....


We do sell a few T-shirts from this site and all are manufactured to a high standard. We do not print them ourselves, we buy them in small batches from a local printer, but we do our best to keep the prices as reasonable as possible. There will be occasions where we won't have your size and it may take a bit of time to get some in, so if you can't see your size, pop back later.

True Punk

We don't live in a squat and we are not hardcore anarchists....in fact we are middle aged with families and mortgages. This site is mainly for 'us' type of Punks. Those that love the music and were around to see the beginning of the greatest music scene ever. I make no apologies for that. However Punk has made me thoughtful about my politics, accepting of different cultures and a lover of fast loud music. Old age has made me grumpy, wrinkly and fat!

Want more?

Let us know. Is there anything you want us to add to the site, do you want some (somewhat limited) guidance on setting up your own site or T-shirt company...you won't get rich but it is fun. Do you like the site or hate it? Either way let us know...I don't care what you say, I can delete it anyway.