Punk Britannia Art

I want to share with you a facebook page where I have seen some amazing artwork, and even bought myself a picture of a certain Mr Rotten. The artists name is Paul and for him this is a hobby from which he makes a little money. Please check it out.

Punk Brittania ArtWhile chatting with Paul during my purchase he also mentioned that he organises the art show at Strummercamp and is hoping to show at Rebellion this year…I hope they get back to him soon.

Not only is Paul a great artist he also hosts the Punk Britannia weekly Podcast on 2/3 weeks of the month. Check studsandpunks.co.uk and hit the podcast button.  In this he plays stuff from new bands with only the occasional old school punk tune, a great chance to check on todays scene.

If you like what you see and want to get hold of him his contact email is paulaitch.arty@yahoo.co.uk

1% Benefits Cap

So it looks like the government is going to cap any rises in working age benefits at 1%, where historically it has been at the rate of inflation. For me, and for many others, it won’t make any difference to our pockets because we are ‘middle class’ and have jobs, mortgages etc.

We are also probably the ones who hold the power when it comes to casting our vote in any election and I feel that this is what the government believe – that this is a no issue. I have certainly seen in the popular media swathes of people who are happy to see the ‘scroungers’ losing out in some way. And this is where I have an issue. I am one of the lucky ones who profited from the disasterous decision by Thatchers government to sell off social housing on the cheap. This has led to a whole new generation of 40 – 60 year olds making huge somes of money as the housing market boomed, living in large houses on designer estates and forgetting that there are others that have not been so fortunate.

We are now back at the point where we have a huge divide between the have and have nots. I live not far from where I was born and brought up but I don’t feel comfortable wandering that estate, particularly at night. I look at the demographic of the people and although this may be a stereotypical description, they are either young family’s with little money, poor clothing, smoking, drinking and out of work or the older generations who did not manage to jump on the bandwagon when housing was cheap.

We have managed to create our own version of ghetto’s because those that can’t afford private housing are packed into the few areas where a council house is available. Again, this is very stereotypical, but a lot of these people haven’t been to college or university, their peers are exactly the same and their children are following in their footsteps.

When social housing was at its peak there was a complete mix of working, educated and socially aware residents which leads to greater understanding of others needs and social responsibilities. And I’m not saying that this is absent everywhere there is a council estate…its just that I haven’t witnessed it yet.

So following my rant, and back to the point, if the government cap benefit rises this is another wedge in the divide. If you are sat in your nice house on your nice estate then you can afford to see cuts elsewhere, other than those aimed at the least well off in our society, and you also have the power to do something about it at every single election…..

What I Want For Xmas

It would be quite fashionable here to wish for things like world peace, an end to starvation in the world, a roof over everyones head….but bollocks, its christmas and this is what I really want..

1. A ticket for Rebellion. As I’ve already promised the missus I won’t go (due to being away with the day job) I really don’t think Santa will be providing this.

2. Two tickets to see the Specials. They went on sale Friday (for the local gig) and when I phoned on Saturday they’d sold out. I will not pay tout prices no matter who it is.

3. A copy of John Lydons Scrapbook…again sold out so not much hope there….

Its not really that much to ask for is it?


Johnny Rotten Tattoo

I’ve been promising myself a tattoo sleeve for some years and I’ve finally got round to getting it started. I manged to get some in process shots on my phone so you can see how he’s gone from a stencil/burns victim to a pretty good image…..I’m very happy with it.

If you are interested I got it in Dragstrip Tattoo, Bitterne, Southampton and Duncan was the artist.

Johnny Rotten tattoo

Nice ‘n’ Wheezy T-Shirt

We finally have stock but we have changed the T-shirt to white, with a black image. Much more in line with the Stranglers don’t you think?

In celebration a video form Top of the Pops 1978……