Punks Not Dad – New Video

Sid Life Crisis and the boys want to plug their latest video…who am I not to help out?

Songs called ‘can’t get it up’….worth watching for Lisa Rogers guitar solo 🙂

Added bonus video Punks Not Dad performing we are the dads at Glastonbury main stage!!!!

King Blues – Listen to this its fuckin brilliant

These are probably the best lyrics I have heard this decade….I don’t care what you say. This song brings all the angst from the seventies and carries it through the decades to today….absolutely fuckin amazin…….

I owe King Blues a massive apology. At Rebellion last year I was looking for raw Punk Rock and the noise that came with it. I watched King Blues and didn’t rate them at all……I watched this video this morning, (because SFBTim watched them Thursday night and told me again how great they are), and realise I missed the point. This is pure Punk Rock at its lyrical best, carrying a message and promoting change.

Coming Soon – Two new designs

With many thanks to Joe Whyte for the inspiration, I am pleased to announce we have two new designs that will be on sale from the main site soon.

I Wanna Be Cremated

Alternative Ulcer

I think you will find both are in keeping with our age and obvious taste in music. One is a tribute to the Ramones classic ‘I wanna be Sedated’ and the other is a Stiff Little Fingers tribute to their first album and single. Catch them at this years Rebellion.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will be ready until August but check the site and you never know….it could be earlier.

Once again many thanks to Joe, I will send him a freebie once we get them printed. Keep the ideas coming or better still, design and sell your own.

Dub Liberators – something different

If you went to gig and saw the below set list by a covers band you’d probably think ‘I’m gonna have a good night’. Now imagine the set list played by two guys, one on a double bass and one on a ukelele, and you have the Dub Liberators.

I’ve been listening on MySpace and I must admit I love it. I am not sure if they are taking the piss, but never the less this is great chillin background music from a couple of old west country buggers, and exactly the thing I’d want to hear after a night on the lash.

If you’ve seen Adrian Edmunson’s band and liked them…you’ll love these. take a look at White Riot, posted below.

Set List.
Anarchy in the UK, Babylon’s Burning, Blitzkreig Bop, Ever Fallen in Love with Someone, (Get a) Grip on Yourself, God Save the Queen, Golden Brown,  Hanging Around, I Fought the Law, Is Vic There? Judy is a Punk, Love Will Tear us Apart, London Calling, Making Plans for Nigel, New Rose, Nice & Sleazy, No More Heroes, Orgasm Addict, Peaches, Pretty Vacant, Problems, Psycho Killer, Rise, Rock the Casbah, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Something Better Change, Stray Cat Strut, Submission, Teenage Kicks, White Riot. This is not a love song, Rise, Sheena is a punk rocker, Jimmy Jazz, Brand new cadillac, Too Drunk to Fuck, Ace of Spades, Ten Fifteen on a Saturday night, Hong Kong Garden, Holiday in Cambodia.

Punks Not Dad

One of the joys of being old and loving Punk, is that every now and then something grabs my attention and makes me smile. It looks like Punks Not Dad are the band Punk Grandad would be….if I could play guitar or sing.

Punks Not Dad are a band with great tunes such as In Me Shed, We are the Dads, Gaye Adverts Eyes and Man Flu. The video for In Me Shed is a classic, and how they got Lisa Rogers to appear in it I’ll never know. Maybe she’s one of their daughters.

The band members are  Joe Strimmer – bass, Sid Life Crisis – vox, Johnny Cardigan – guitar, Adrian Viles. They describe themselves as masters of anarchy, destruction and careful step by step adherence to the instructions during the assembly of IKEA furniture .Brilliant

If they are as good live as they are on My Space they will be well worth ten bob of anyones money.