Rebellion 2012 – Sort of Review

Well here we go again, another year gone, another fantastic event passed by. Hats off to the organisers, the bands, the staff and even the security as the festival passed by smoothly and without any trouble. As with last years review I am only going to talk about the bands I liked – but if there is one I have not mentioned it could be that I didn’t get round to seeing them, not that I didn’t like them.

Once again me and my BIL FatBoyTim got there on the Wednesday and went to the Rose and Crown for the pre-festival gig. Unfortunately by the time we’d eaten, had a few beers and met up with some German Cock Sparrer fans we met last year, we didn’t actually go into the gig. Old and tired non-handlers I’m afraid 🙂

Thurday 1st August

The first day of the Festival brought with it a new stage – the New Band stage. The concept being that for one day only a stage would be put by for bands that are just starting on the road to fame and glory :-). What a great idea with the only problem being it started at 11.20am, which was a bit of a shame because hundreds of people weren’t even in the venue by that time.

We popped in and out of this stage all day and were happily surprised by some of the bands we saw…its great to see some young (and not so young) bands that love Punk. Stand out for me were Chemical Threat (from Southampton :-)), In Evil Hour, Science Made Us Robots and Drones…not to be confused with The Drones from back in the day. I particularly liked the way Drones guitarist played in the middle of the audience, nice touch.

I really hope this concept continues for the Festival going forwards as I am sure that those that tried it really enjoyed it…we certainly did

Videos below….

From the other stages I really enjoyed Roughneck Riot (Folk Punk), and Fire Exit (’77 Punks) for completely differing styles of punk. However the Filaments and Snuff in the Empress Ballroom were the absolute bollocks on the day…loved ’em both.

Friday 3rd August

Friday was Conflict day, not only the band but who to see. First up for me was Loaded 44, a band I had been dying to see since I saw Beki touring with Steve Ignorant in 2010. I was not dissapointed, good melodic Punk Rock, love it.

We then spent a couple of hours seeing 10 – 15 minutes of various bands before heading into the Bizarre Bazaar to see the Mob. They were a massive surprise to me as being a ‘depressing’ band lyrically they really nailed their set and I came away feeling rather pleased and not as suicidal as I expected 🙂

Sick on the Bus always make me smile and this was no exception, and Zero Boys did quite a good set but my next must see band was the Restarts. For the first time I was really unhappy as the acoustics in the Olympia did nothing to help what is really an excellent band…not a lot that can be done about that but it didn’t make for great listening.

The Headline band was Social Distortion and they were tight, probably the best American band of the Festival. I also enjoyed the Boys who played an excellent set and as one of my all time favourite bands they did not disappoint.

BIL really wanted to see Conflict as his band of the Festival and they were excellent. He would have gone home happy after them if he had to 🙂

Saturday 4th August

Got there early on Saturday in time to see the Fuckwits, a great start to the day and they were followed by Cyanide Pills who despite appearances (I hate white leather jackets – trivial I know) played a great set.

BIL listens to Kerrang Radio so we had to go and see Police Bastard who were 100 times better than I expected. I wanted to see a bit of Ska so we watched the Slackers then back to Punk with the Varukers via the full set from Ruts DC. I didn’t really know what to expect from them especially as they had a female vocalist but it was a great mix of Punk and Reggae and the fact the vocals were not Malcolm Owens did not detract from a great set.

But the moment of the day, and possibly the Festival for me, was the Subhumans playing all 17 minutes of From the Cradle to the Grave in the Olympia. Absolutely Fuckin Awesome…hair standing up on the back of the neck greatness.

 Sunday 5th August

Today brought me the band of the festival, a band I couldn’t understand a word of but I heard the greatest noise, saw the the perfect attitude (they gave away their latest album), and exhibited tons and tons of energy…Segismundo Toxicamano. All I know about them is that they are from Spain…and I will be making it my mission to see them again. As second band in the Empress they deserved a bigger audience…hopefully they’ll get it next time. What a start to the day.

The next person you really must make some time to see is Captain Hotknives. One man and a guitar has never made me laugh so much singing about Anarchist Squat Punk bands, Benefits and Drugs….hilarious.

My third must see live band is Random Hand, Ska/Punk at its very best. But its the live experience that sets these guys apart. Robin Leitch is one of the best frontmen I’ve seen and he is the only one who’s managed to get the crowd doing a Wall of Death, a Circle and a Chicken Fight in one set. When they first came on stage and I noticed there were only two security at the front of the stage I smiled…by the first three songs this had been quadrupled. They were simply superb as a band and as a show.

Sunday also brought with it Rat City Riot, Neville Staples (plays the Specials), the UK Subs and Stiff Little Fingers. Easily the best day of the four. SLF even played Johnny Was and I’d never seen them do that before. The only downside was that we couldn’t get in to see Rancid as the venue was full but they are over again later in the year so you never know…

Punks Not Dad – New Release

I don’t know how these boys do it but they’ve managed to get Peter Bowles in this, and Lisa Rogers dressed as a schoolgirl….bloody marvellous.

The songs called Monkey Boots (I had some of those) and the video’s below. Enjoy.

If the people who book the bands for Rebellion ever see this please book these guys…ideal for the BB stage.

Stiff Little Fingers – The Brook Oct 14th

I hadn’t seen SLF since the heyday so the chance to see them in a small local venue was too good an opportunity to miss, despite the fact I was suffering from a touch of jetlag after a trip to the USA.

As is typical of my reviews I didn’t take a pen and paper and therefore don’t produce a list of songs etc but they played enough of my favourites to make me one happy bunny. Jake and Ali remain from the original line up, and Ali has certainly come out of his shell from the first time I saw them, strutting around and generally playing the rock star 🙂

They opened with Wasted Life and that got the crowd going immediately, it was really good to see some young punks in amongst us old gits pogoing away and during the set they played barbed Wire Love (the crowd were swaying 🙂 ), At the Edge, Alternative Ulster, Doesn’t Make it Alright and shitloads of other classics off the first two albums that I can’t be bothered to list.

It was good to hear that SLF are going to be recognised in the Northern Ireland music hall of fame and in typical style Jake stated they might play Wait and See for them 🙂

Anyway, great night, great band, great tunes and good beer…….thoroughly recommended.


Steve Ignorant – Last Supper

I went to see Steve Ignorant at the Birmingham O2 last night and was mightily impressed.

I guess I am lucky enough to have seen Crass at their height, at Salisbury Grange supported by Dirt, and for me it was in the top two gigs I have ever been to, so going to Steve in Birmingham was really exciting.

The gig was opened by the legend that is John Robb and his band Goldblade. To be honest they did ok, but not really the sort of stuff I’m into.

When Steve came on he looked almost embarrassed to be there, but as soon as he opened with ‘Punk is Dead’ the crowd was his. Just as well cos he was a bit out of practice and needed a breather every now and then….luckily the crowd sang all the words in these bits :-).

Biggest song of the night for me was the epic ‘So What’…I was chuffed to bits I still remembered all the words. I had managed to get on stage in Salisbury and sing it with Crass….I left it to Steve and the crowd this time.

I was wondering how they would do any from the Penis Envy album and thought it would be ignored, but they came up a blinder with Beki…what a voice. She was absolutely amazing….her vocals on ‘shaved women’ were immense. If anyone knows if she’s in another band let me know….I wanna hear more.

So, a fuckin great night, a great set, superb musicians and the pleasure of seeing Mr Ignorant……bloody marvellous.

Thanks to ismusicloud for bunging this on You Tube…….


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