Nice ‘n’ Wheezy T-Shirt

We finally have stock but we have changed the T-shirt to white, with a black image. Much more in line with the Stranglers don’t you think?

In celebration a video form Top of the Pops 1978……


New Design

I would appreciate any comments on this latest T-shirt idea….homage to the Stranglers Nice ‘n’ Sleazy. (Thanks Michelle) Should it be red?

I am also in the very long winded process of redesigning the Punk Grandad website hence my lack of posts etc.

Image below……

Nice 'n' Wheezy


Coming Soon – Two new designs

With many thanks to Joe Whyte for the inspiration, I am pleased to announce we have two new designs that will be on sale from the main site soon.

I Wanna Be Cremated

Alternative Ulcer

I think you will find both are in keeping with our age and obvious taste in music. One is a tribute to the Ramones classic ‘I wanna be Sedated’ and the other is a Stiff Little Fingers tribute to their first album and single. Catch them at this years Rebellion.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will be ready until August but check the site and you never know….it could be earlier.

Once again many thanks to Joe, I will send him a freebie once we get them printed. Keep the ideas coming or better still, design and sell your own.

New T-shirt – Pretty Ancient

Punk Grandad is proud to announce the launch of its latest design…just in time for the christmas rush 🙂

Pretty Ancient













Pop over to and spend a tenner of your hard earned cash…

‘SAGA old punks on tour’ will be hitting the web very soon…


OAP resize2

Old Aged Punk

This blog is the sister site of, a site that was devised as a method of selling t-shirts that pay homage to Punk but at the same time recognise that it, and its original followers, are over 30 years old.

Those of us that were in it at the start are showing the signs of ageing, but if you are reading this then the passion has not dissipated.

It all started with an idea…the Old Aged Punk…me and my mate Griff. We still go to gigs, we still buy the music, but we don’t have the hair or the figure for tight trousers. What we do have is the need for black t-shirts and this is the first of its kind.

We then started to think of other idea’s, other ways in which we could pay homage to our hero’s but recognise our age. The Clash were probably the most important band after the Pistols and Paul Simenon was a legend. His iconic stance on the London Calling album lent itself to be parodied and revered at the same time. It is stuff of legend.

Generation XXL was an obvious next move in recognising the expanding waistline of us middle aged punks while Nevermind the Prostate is for the even older generation. SAGA – Old Punks on Tour will be released soon and the date will be published on this blog.