Kevin Precious – Brighton Fringe

I have received an email from Kevin Precious about a new Punk stand up show he’s doing, launching at the Brighton Fringe Festival…..sounds interesting and I’ll be popping along. I’ll write a review on here once I’ve been.

Tickets are only a fiver so if you are in the area give him some support.

Hi there,

I’m a stand-up comedian based in East Sussex. I’m about to start running in a new show – work in progress – at the Brighton Fringe Festival in May entitled ‘Aging Punk Rocker’.

The idea is to re-examine the punk values that shaped my outlook as a young kid i.e. hippies, monarchy, mainstream music… that sort of thing, and determine whether they still have some relevance; the upshot – of course – is that they do, particularly on stuff like the monarchy. There’s a bit of narrative as well… one or two personal remembrances from the period.

Here’s a few links: