Punks Not Dad – New Release

I don’t know how these boys do it but they’ve managed to get Peter Bowles in this, and Lisa Rogers dressed as a schoolgirl….bloody marvellous.

The songs called Monkey Boots (I had some of those) and the video’s below. Enjoy.

If the people who book the bands for Rebellion ever see this please book these guys…ideal for the BB stage.

Welcome to the New Site

So after months of trying I am now trying to launch the new site….obviously if this is your first visit then you won’t notice any changes 🙂 Its been a couple of years since we launched and I felt it was about time for a change, to a new look, but most importantly to a site where I have put the shop and the blog together. This way I should be able to post more regularly and get more t-shirts out there…….

I now need a favour…..once July is over Please give me feedback. Does everything work, what do think, should I add or take anything away? You can either reply to this post or use the contact page.

Many thanks…….Skull