What I Want For Xmas

It would be quite fashionable here to wish for things like world peace, an end to starvation in the world, a roof over everyones head….but bollocks, its christmas and this is what I really want..

1. A ticket for Rebellion. As I’ve already promised the missus I won’t go (due to being away with the day job) I really don’t think Santa will be providing this.

2. Two tickets to see the Specials. They went on sale Friday (for the local gig) and when I phoned on Saturday they’d sold out. I will not pay tout prices no matter who it is.

3. A copy of John Lydons Scrapbook…again sold out so not much hope there….

Its not really that much to ask for is it?


Johnny Rotten Tattoo

I’ve been promising myself a tattoo sleeve for some years and I’ve finally got round to getting it started. I manged to get some in process shots on my phone so you can see how he’s gone from a stencil/burns victim to a pretty good image…..I’m very happy with it.

If you are interested I got it in Dragstrip Tattoo, Bitterne, Southampton and Duncan was the artist.

Johnny Rotten tattoo