Beats of Freedom – Polish Punk History

A friend of mine put me on to this youtube video, Beats of Freedom, made by Chris Salewicz. It tells the story of the influence of Polish Rock music of which Punk Rock was a major part during a time when the country was going through a turbulent time in its history.

It has some similarities with the rise of UK Punk in the fact that the bands were singing about the state of their lives, their country and their politics but without the freedom we in the UK take for granted. For instance all lyrics had to be passed through a government department before they could be given airtime.

There is a great quote credited to Charlie Harper who said that ‘the Poles had to write in poetry where he could just sing about whatever he wanted’.

The video is over an hour long but well worth a listen….its something any 70’s punk can empathise with, and indeed shows us ho lucky we were…even in those bad days.



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