Punks Not Dad

One of the joys of being old and loving Punk, is that every now and then something grabs my attention and makes me smile. It looks like Punks Not Dad are the band Punk Grandad would be….if I could play guitar or sing.

Punks Not Dad are a band with great tunes such as In Me Shed, We are the Dads, Gaye Adverts Eyes and Man Flu. The video for In Me Shed is a classic, and how they got Lisa Rogers to appear in it I’ll never know. Maybe she’s one of their daughters.

The band members are  Joe Strimmer – bass, Sid Life Crisis – vox, Johnny Cardigan – guitar, Adrian Viles. They describe themselves as masters of anarchy, destruction and careful step by step adherence to the instructions during the assembly of IKEA furniture .Brilliant

If they are as good live as they are on My Space they will be well worth ten bob of anyones money.

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5 Responses to Punks Not Dad

  1. Ainsley says:

    Hi Mac,

    what make you think we’re girls,why do you assume we/i’m married?

    Green Day were fantastic!!,my son loved them.Roll on Beautiful Days festival.Rebellion…we’ll see.

  2. mac666 says:

    There is hope for us all. Especially if you can meet Lisa. Green Day OK, but not really punk are they girls. Get you kids and youselves to Rebellion in August, if the wifes will let you?

  3. Ainsley says:

    hi,just discovered this site/blog-fantastic !
    I knew then that punk was more than a fashion.I’m a 49yo,who still goes to gigs-taking in UK subs at Plymouth in november,taking my 12 yo son to see Green Day in B,ham this Wednesday,(I know Green Day may upset some of the purists but hey,i want him to have a good time -first time,then perhaps he’ll carry the torch,anyway,thats for another time/discussion).I had a wonderful time at Barberellas in B,ham as a 17/18yo,and took a lot of punk ideals with me,while ‘life’ may have watered them down somewhat,I still like to ‘promote’ those ideals.
    Great to know there are others out there,still waving the punk rock flag.

    • skull says:

      My sons first Punk Gig was Green Day at Brixton Academy…I think it was the insomniac album…they were superb and my son loved it.
      Enjoy the Subs and try to get to rebellion next year. Take your boy, its family friendly and he will love it.

  4. shev says:

    wahey,tremendous stuff.much happiness and joviality going on here.cheered the pitbull boys and girls up no end,keep it up chaps aal the best from newcastle upon tyne.

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