Coming Soon – Two new designs

With many thanks to Joe Whyte for the inspiration, I am pleased to announce we have two new designs that will be on sale from the main site soon.

I Wanna Be Cremated

Alternative Ulcer

I think you will find both are in keeping with our age and obvious taste in music. One is a tribute to the Ramones classic ‘I wanna be Sedated’ and the other is a Stiff Little Fingers tribute to their first album and single. Catch them at this years Rebellion.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will be ready until August but check the site and you never know….it could be earlier.

Once again many thanks to Joe, I will send him a freebie once we get them printed. Keep the ideas coming or better still, design and sell your own.

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One Response to Coming Soon – Two new designs

  1. Harold Hecuba says:

    Yeah, right. Nice visual you created there about the Ramones – a band in which 3/4 of the original members didn’t live beyond 55 or so. Real clever, ya douchebag.

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