Steve Ignorant – Last Supper

I went to see Steve Ignorant at the Birmingham O2 last night and was mightily impressed.

I guess I am lucky enough to have seen Crass at their height, at Salisbury Grange supported by Dirt, and for me it was in the top two gigs I have ever been to, so going to Steve in Birmingham was really exciting.

The gig was opened by the legend that is John Robb and his band Goldblade. To be honest they did ok, but not really the sort of stuff I’m into.

When Steve came on he looked almost embarrassed to be there, but as soon as he opened with ‘Punk is Dead’ the crowd was his. Just as well cos he was a bit out of practice and needed a breather every now and then….luckily the crowd sang all the words in these bits :-).

Biggest song of the night for me was the epic ‘So What’…I was chuffed to bits I still remembered all the words. I had managed to get on stage in Salisbury and sing it with Crass….I left it to Steve and the crowd this time.

I was wondering how they would do any from the Penis Envy album and thought it would be ignored, but they came up a blinder with Beki…what a voice. She was absolutely amazing….her vocals on ‘shaved women’ were immense. If anyone knows if she’s in another band let me know….I wanna hear more.

So, a fuckin great night, a great set, superb musicians and the pleasure of seeing Mr Ignorant……bloody marvellous.

Thanks to ismusicloud for bunging this on You Tube…….


Do They Owe Us A Living?

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4 Responses to Steve Ignorant – Last Supper

  1. Beki is also lead singer in a new band, Chaos 8, who are soon to play the Cluny in Newcastle (21st June 2014) to launch the new album. Well worth checking out!

  2. kevtwin says:

    i seen crass in 79 then in the erley 80s in are youth club in winsford cheshire and i have to say that the crass made me the man i am 2day when some one tells you to do something say WHY and you get the same reply cos i fucking told you well fuck you thats what the crass dun for me and would like to say thanks from kevtwin and andy twin if you have seen the interview with Steve on youtube were the two little boys whos mum nitted crass jumpers lol he remembers us good to know fight war not wars kevtwin

  3. GRIFF says:

    Skull , I remember seeing CRASS at the Ashby youth centre in Southampton in ’79, my god thats a long time ago. Remember all the skins there, doing their best to scare the sh*t out of us (and succeeding !).

    Grumpy Griff

  4. fatboytim says:

    I think she’s called Beki Straughan, mate, and she sings with a band called Loaded 44

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