Stiff Little Fingers – The Brook Oct 14th

I hadn’t seen SLF since the heyday so the chance to see them in a small local venue was too good an opportunity to miss, despite the fact I was suffering from a touch of jetlag after a trip to the USA.

As is typical of my reviews I didn’t take a pen and paper and therefore don’t produce a list of songs etc but they played enough of my favourites to make me one happy bunny. Jake and Ali remain from the original line up, and Ali has certainly come out of his shell from the first time I saw them, strutting around and generally playing the rock star 🙂

They opened with Wasted Life and that got the crowd going immediately, it was really good to see some young punks in amongst us old gits pogoing away and during the set they played barbed Wire Love (the crowd were swaying 🙂 ), At the Edge, Alternative Ulster, Doesn’t Make it Alright and shitloads of other classics off the first two albums that I can’t be bothered to list.

It was good to hear that SLF are going to be recognised in the Northern Ireland music hall of fame and in typical style Jake stated they might play Wait and See for them 🙂

Anyway, great night, great band, great tunes and good beer…….thoroughly recommended.


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