Top 25 Punk Albums Ever!

Top 25 Punk Albums Ever!.


Surfing and came across this….a lazy post I know but worth a copy. Amazed the Misfits are number 3, but I find it hard to disagree with the majority of albums on here.

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  1. Kennb says:

    I agree with Skull, the US played with punk but the UK made it what it is and without the influence of The Clash and the UK Subs and to a lareg extent The Specials there wouldn’t be bands like Rancid, Green Day, Offspring, Sum41 which again have taken the punk formula and developed it into a new polished sound. The UK still provides a raw edge to punk and no one has come close to Oi outside the UK.

    Arguably the best punk in the world now actually come from New Zealan (The Rabble)

    I have nothing against the US bands but apart from The Ramones I’m sorry in those early days they were more akin to Marc Bolan.

    Punk is about listening to what you like without peer pressure influencing your choice, my daughter (16) is more punk than a lot of people as she lives ion a house of punk music but still insists on listening to Celine Dion.

  2. DB says:

    This blog and your t-shirt site are deeply depressing and cynical.

    Also why is punk seen as largely a ‘UK’ thing? The only punks from the UK were the Pistols and possibly the Banshees/Sioux and Severin, the rest were post punk, sad rock bands (like the Clash) or just gloryseeking types with the eye on the top 40 (Billy Idol, Adam Ant, Undertones, New Order, Boy George you name it).

    • Skull says:

      It doesn’t say where you are from DB but I would guess America. I agree with your statements re Billy Idol, Adam Ant, Boy George but not the Clash.
      I am bound to be biaised towards the UK as its where I live and where Punk happened to me as a 13-14 year old. At the time it was about music and fashion to me, because as a kid I didn’t care about politics. While the Ramones were a fantastic band they were probably the only ones I knew at the time as ‘Punk’. Other US bands such as the NY Dolls, Richard Hell and Blondie always seemed more Glam Rock to me.
      My site itself is intended to be a bit nostalgic, tongue in cheek. Its a shame you find it depressing…but hey, shit happens and each to their own….thats Punk right?

  3. sarah jones says:

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