Contact Needed

I need some help…I am trying to get a small stand at Rebellion 2010 and have emailed the info contact address three times with no reply. If anyone has an idea of another email address or a contact number please let me know.

Many thanks…Skull.

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  1. Hanan says:

    Ilike thise and i hope link with u

  2. Robinbasterd says:

    look out for the rebellion festival in blackpool
    so many punks the norms will feel out of place
    do a ride up and down side to side brings sick out my face
    ave a cheer with some beer
    punks not dead its just been slowley awaikening
    brain drain sane barking mad
    if someone said punk is dead i will be sad

  3. Seaside Moz says:

    Hello, You could try contacting Paul Swinnerton of North records Blackpool on He helps organise the stalls and should be able to help.

    All the best


  4. joe says:

    hi Skull, Darren at Rebellion is notorious for not answering emails. He gets lots. mail him through the MySpace page and you’re more likely to get a reply. He tours with Cock Sparrer and Rebellion Europe gigs so sometimes takes a couple weeks to answer.
    He is a top bloke so keep trying.

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