Gig Guide – Nov 2009


Rockers Glasgow
The Stupids The West Coast Margate
Damned Pavillions Plymouth
Damned Colston Hall Bristol
GBH Engine Room Brighton
Peter and the Test Tube Babies Sawyers Kettering
Damned Newport Centre Newport
Damned Oasis Leisure Centre Swindon
Damned Royal Concert Hall Nottingham
Damned City Hall Newcastle
Damned Inside Out Darlington
UK Subs Rio’s Leeds
Damned 02 Academy Glasgow
UK Subs The Leopard Doncaster
Damned 02 Academy Leeds
Damned Manchester Apollo Manchester
UK Subs 02 Academy Birmingham
Damned Corn Exchange Cambridge
Damned Cliffs Pavillion Southend
Damned Guildall Portsmouth
UK Subs Guildall Arts Centre Gloucester
Damned BIC Bournemouth
UK Subs The Hippo Plymouth
Damned HMV Apollo London
Damned Civic Hall Wolverhampton
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One Response to Gig Guide – Nov 2009

  1. Tim says:

    October 31st, The Shed, Leicester…Anti Nowhere League gig

    Missed the first coupla bands cos havin seen ANWL at Rebellion and deciding they were just too theatrical and caught up in their own hype I wasn’t gonna go. But I changed my mind ( all to do with Sat nite TV and Mr Cowell) and glad I did. Got there part-way thru Girlfixer….a female fronted punk/rock band. Could have done with a bit more movement on stage but then again, it IS a small stage. Whatever the vocalist was shouting about she did it convincingly. One of my new favourite bands – they even GIVE away a 3 track cd at their shows!

    Next up was The Nags. They’re a local band who have built up quite a following. Guitar driven 5 piece band,with vocals in the style of some of the more hardcore bands of the 80’s-more Conflict than Napalm Death.

    ANWL were the last band of the evening and Animal came thru the crowd to much applause and cheering. I was a little worried they’d be a comedy act again when I saw the guitarist in Halloween make-up, but I needn’t have been. They opened with We Are The League and proceeded to play a mix of old ones I knew, some not-quite-so-old-ones I didn’t know as well, and some new ones that were new to my ears. Over an hour later and they closed with the same song they’d opened with, but noone minded hearing that one again. I took my 16yr old step-daughter and her boyfriend and even tho they had never heard of them before they were soon in the thick of it down at the front and had at least as good a time as me!

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