It feels like ages since I’ve added anything to the blog, and to be honest it has been……ah well.  Anyway, Rebellion is looming and it brings me to highlight one of the great things about the festival. At the B&B I stay at there are a couple of guys from Leicester and we get chatting every day. One of them has a son in a band, Ivy Mike, and he gave my Brother in Law a CD of theirs and I now have a copy……and its pretty good. I have had a look on Youtube and the below is a track by them called trees…..fucking ace I’d say…..

Its a link because I cant remember how to embed 🙂

Just wanted to say I am really pissed off because I was hoping to see the Rabble this year but they have ‘taken a break’…..not fuckin happy at all…….Definately feels like its going to be an OI! fest this year.

I also had to cancel part two of my sleeve…the car needed work and the garage needed money….

Anyway, I have now posted and can look forward to Rebellion without feeling guilty. Who knows, I may even write something else before then.





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