Changes to Punk Grandad

Punk Grandad has been going for about 10 years and its been mostly fun, with a little bit of aggro thrown in. But we are going to change.

Through the conversations and emails I’ve had over the last few years people think we are a full time business….we are not. We run the site and Val, Griffs wife, buys the stock and does the shipping from a room in her house. The cost of this is significant and the upshot is we don’t make a penny. Thats not why we started but I thought I would have had a new PC out of it by now 🙂

But the future…thats a different thing. We are now selling on in the US and in the not too distant future this will be available in the UK. Amazon carry out the printing for us, offer a larger range of colours and styles and do all the shipping. Piece of Piss. It means we can expand our range and give more choice. We will also be on another print on demand site that will offer items other than Tshirts….mugs, stickers, phone cases etc….that will come and when it does i’ll put the site on here.

So what does it mean for our current stock? We will sell it off at a cheaper price…..we just need to do a stock count so we get the numbers right and not let anyone down and then we will do it. So if you want to buy a shirt today, but can wait a while longer, the prices will come down. If you can’t wait thats fine too 🙂

If you are reading this and you have been here before, many thanks….if you are new to Punk Grandad then a lot of this may not make sense….but thank you too.


Still alive

Its been years since the last post so just wanted to state that we are actually still alive, despite 2016.
The year ahead is starting to look like an active one in Punk Grandad world and we are hoping to instigate some exciting changes. Maybe a new site, maybe some more T’s….who knows.
Anyway, just letting you know we are still here, plugging away in our part-time capacity…and looking forward to the next few months.

Calling all Punks

I have been contacted by BBC4 on the look out for old punks with an opinion….here’ what they said;

Were you a Punk back in the 1970s?

We are looking to speak to people who lived through the early years of the Punk culture in the 70s for a BBC 4 documentary on the history of music and fashion in post-war Britain.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who fully embraced the Punk fashions and style and perhaps still own a few pieces of key fashion items.

If you can identify with this and wouldn’t mind speaking to a member of the team about your experiences please contact

So feel free to contact Lucy, I have, it takes 10 minutes and you could end up on TV…..

Beats of Freedom – Polish Punk History

A friend of mine put me on to this youtube video, Beats of Freedom, made by Chris Salewicz. It tells the story of the influence of Polish Rock music of which Punk Rock was a major part during a time when the country was going through a turbulent time in its history.

It has some similarities with the rise of UK Punk in the fact that the bands were singing about the state of their lives, their country and their politics but without the freedom we in the UK take for granted. For instance all lyrics had to be passed through a government department before they could be given airtime.

There is a great quote credited to Charlie Harper who said that ‘the Poles had to write in poetry where he could just sing about whatever he wanted’.

The video is over an hour long but well worth a listen….its something any 70’s punk can empathise with, and indeed shows us ho lucky we were…even in those bad days.