Punk Grandad is the culmination of too many beers shared between two mates. Two mates who share a love of Punk Rock, who are old enough to remember Bill Grundy and who are stupid enough to piss into the wind.

It started as a giggle and has evolved into this site where we share our thoughts, our music and our humour…we even try to flog some T-shirts. We both have regular jobs, mortgages, cars, wife and kids…..pretty middle class I suppose….but Punk is still an integral part of our lives, and its impact from the times when we were spotty 14 year old kids to the old buggers we are today has not diminished our outlook on life.

If you like, (or hate) the site let us know. If you want to set up your own site we’re happy to help. If you want us to add anything, review anything or just want to plug something post it. I can always delete it if I think its shit 🙂

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