This is Wrong

I was trawling through my usual websites and came across the below article on the Restarts site. Its about how the authorities in Indonesia are taking street kids who follow Punk and ‘re-educate’ them by shaving their heads and moving them out of town for brainwashing. Read the article, watch the video and sign the petition…this is wrong. Please copy and paste this and send it to all your contacts……

This is in response to the humiliating stifling of freedom of expression going on in Aceh, Indonesia! Punk is a state of mind, it is not embodied in a hairstyle or a piece of clothing, you cannot extinguish an idea with a set of hair clippers. The punks who attended the orphan benefit in Aceh have been stripped of all human rights, robbed of their identity in a humiliiting and degrading manner. Punk is about creating change and – WANTING TO CHANGE THINGS THAT ARE SHIT IN THIS WORLD! What the Aceh Police have inadvertantly done is create a call to arms for all punk rockers and believers of freedom to unite in solidarity against oppression! From the Arab Spring to the oppression in Syria THE WORLD IS WATCHING! Humans WILL NOT get away with oppressing other humans, we are rapidly evolving passed that stage.



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BBC report
Video about Indonesia punk scene