King Blues – Punk & Poetry Review

Firstly apologies for not blogging for a while…no excuse, just a lazy bastard….

Thought I’d write a review of the latest King Blues album, Punk & Poetry as I haven’t stopped listening to it for weeks… it. This is an album that has some of the most genius lyrics I’ve heard for a long time….many a Facebook status has been a lyric from this album.

The album kicks off with ‘Last of the Dreamers’….I have no idea what this is about 🙂 but the second track ‘We are Fucking Angry’ is Punk Rock at its very best. The bridge just about sums up everything thats wrong with the government today and is just so correct…..we should be fighting back.

‘Set the World on Fire’, track 3 is an absolute lyrical masterpiece with my favourite lines since ‘Jesus Saves painted by an athiest nutter’ in Going Underground by the Jam;

Some pay the doctor to be the snipper

We want bigger tits, bigger, bigger, bigger

This is how we use the greatest minds in science

Not a cure for cancer but a profit for giants

They blind their clients with advertisements

Insecurity heightens – that aint progress, its violence

Track 4, Dancehall…bollocks….sorry Itch

Track 5 is a skankin’ tune ‘The Futures Not What it Used To Be’. I absolutely love the bangin bit near the end, part rap, part rant…fantastic. Track 6 just shows my age….how the fuck old is Itch?….I thought he was a twenty something OAP, but with references to Robson and Jerome the guy could be my twin. Don’t let that put you off ‘I Want You’ is once again a brilliant song with lyrics that are thought provoking and humurous.

‘Five Bottles of Shampoo’, track 7, is an ‘I understand women’ song with some great advice for pro-lifers. This is followed by a realistic view of ‘Sex Education’ and the way the internet is influencing kids and the way that they perceive sex and love. I urge all parents to listen to the words.

‘Shooting Fascists’ is easily my favourite track…simple lyrics, simple tune, just Itch and a Ukelele, but what a powerful message….fucking awesome…..

If you like punkpop you’ll love track 10, ‘Headbutt’ enough to make you move and catchy enough to keep you singing it for weeks. ‘Does Anybody care About Us’ is back to the underlying King Blues message about how the under privileged and poor are looked down upon by the rest of society, and not enough people give a flying fuck…

The final track ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ I don’t really like as a song but I understand that as a lyricist life events are inspiration, and having kids is one of the greatest things ever….its just that this tune is more Take That than King Blues.

As I said at the beginning, this is a fantastic album with just a couple of tracks I personally don’t like. I think the King Blues are one of the greatest bands around today and they have exactly the right message….

They are on tour this year….I’m going to see them in Portsmouth….and if you get the chance go and see them. They are a brilliant live band. If you can’t see them buy the album, read the lyrics and get the message……..

Rebellion 2010

The following is an account of Rebellion 2010 by my bro’ SFBtim…thanks mate, I will definately be there with you next year….


List of some of the smaller bands….The Kirkz. Quite liked these although that could be cos they were the first band I saw and so might not have been as impressed if I’d already seen some others.
Geoffrey Oicott…..songs about Yorkshire and cricket.

Drunken Balordi….wasn’t too impressed tbh. It reminded me of bit of the pogues for some strange reason only nowhere near as good. But I think I only saw one song as I was rushing off to see…
..Restarts. Brilliant. Fantastic. How 3 blokes manage to create such a racket is unfathomable. Loud, hardcore, and very fast.

Aggrolites. One of those bands that I thought I’d enjoy cos the little I’d seen of them last I thought they were good. I was disappointed. Dunno why I didn’t enjoy it, cos what they did they did well. Reminded me a bit of Pama International (Skull – support band when we saw the Specials). Maybe it was just not what I wanted to listen to after Restarts.

Streetlight Manifesto. Ska/punk. I wouldn’t buy there album on the back of this set. Some of the stuff was good. Proper ska or ska-punk. But then other bits were just a bit too ummm, I dunno what the right word is. Not Jazzy but tooooooo much brass not enough bass for me.

T-Rex…just to say I’ve seen them. About 30 seconds’ worth. Tick.

King Blues. Fantastic. Opened with If Punk Never Happened with no music and spoken with feeling, dramatic pauses, anger, hope, really cool bit where he gradually got slower and slower like a record played too slow. Played quite a lot from Save The World album, one or two from Under the Fog (music man) and a couple of new ones (Headbutt). The older stuff has a very strong reggae vibe to it, whilst the stuff from Save the World I’d describe as folky acousticky, politically aware punk. The new stuff was new to me but enjoyable nonetheless and sounded a lot faster and more punk-influenced than their other stuff. You missed a good show, mate. (Skull – thanks :-))


Saw a bit of Anti Vigilante but can’t really remember them cos they were followed by a band I’d never heard of, Baby Boom. I can’t decide if I want to hear more of this or totally erase it from my memory. It is members of Sonic Boom 6 playing covers of songs that should never have been recorded in the first place..ra ra Rasputin for example. They did it in their own reggae ska way.

Next up was Dirty Revolution. More Ska punk with the emphasis on the ska. Really good live show opened with Failure to Communicate, closed with I Love Reggae. Well worth going to see if they’re ever playing near you.

Stayed in the arena to watch Moral Dilemma. I’d not heard these and was expecting more ska-punk. I was wrong. It’s a 3 piece who play hardcore. Probably with socially conscious lyrics but I was lost in noise. Strongly recommended.

Radio Dead Ones. Can’t really remember these but I seem to remember quite enjoying it.

If last year taught me that youngsters (Rabble, Outl4w) were really good, this year taught me the old ‘uns can keep up. Broken Bones. One of those bands from my youth who maybe I just listened to at the wrong time, didn’t like it cos I wasn’t in the mood for that type of music and never gave it another chance. What have I missed out on? These guys were loud, and fast. Much faster than men of their age have a right to be! Definitely hardcore. Really enjoyed these.

Chelsea…one song. Enough. Tick
Hazel O’Connor. One song. Tick
Ditto Dept S. Ditto Rezillos.
The Grit didn’t see much of these. Psychobilly.
Frantic Flintstones…coulda been Stray Cats imo.
Demented Are Go. Coulda been Frantic Flinstones . Couldn’t bear to stay and watch King Kurt in case they coulda been Demented Are Go.


Started with a gig that wasn’t really a gig at all. Penny Rimbaud and Steve Ignorant being interviewed by John Robb about Crass. Very interesting and definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me.

That had finished in time for me to get to Big D and The Kids Table….ska punk that I should have enjoyed. But didn’t. So I moved on to see….
… Civet. An all girl punk rock group that I had never even heard of but I stayed for the whole set so must have enjoyed it. Admittedly this may have been helped by the fact they have one of the top ten cutest drummers in the world as voted for by, me!

Blaggers was one of the must-see bands for me. I’d seen these years ago when Matty was still with us and thought they’d stopped playing. They play a mix of Oi and rap, with trumpets, sax and a strong AntiFa message. I enjoyed it…..but unsurprisingly not as good as previously, although that could just be down to the sound in The Olympia.

Star Fucking Hipsters are Stza Crack’s new project. I had mixed feelings about this as last year I saw Leftover Crack at Rebellion and didn’t think much to them, but then saw them later in the year and thought they were great. Sadly, I didn’t think much to SFH and only stayed for one song.

Vice Squad have been around forever and everyone really should know their music and have seen them live before now. Not me. Their music is towards the Rock side of punk and I have to admit to being quite impressed with just how loud and fast they are. Nowhere near as tame as I’d expected.

Next band of note for me was The Oppressed. Again they were a must-see for me. They play Skinhead Oi music, again with a strong AntiFa message. Played several songs I knew ( AFA Song, Skinhead Girl, etc) and more that I didn’t, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed for the whole set.

Hardskin was a band I’ve never heard of but judging by the length of the queue to get in they must be good, but I was on my way to see…
…The Filaments. Again a queue to get in but I was early so it moved quite quick for me. They play hardcore ska punk. I had absolutely no idea what they were singing about but immersed myself in the noise. Fantastic, loads of crowd surfing, lively, loud, I am a fan! Met a couple of the guys the next day and they seem really nice blokes too.

I really wasn’t interested in staying for the NY Dolls, but did want to see Discharge. However, I just couldn’t be bothered to wait til 1 o’clock when I’d just had such a great time.


Went to see Acid Drop on recommendation. They were quite good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them. Pretty standard punk, except for when they brought on the Leeds Kazou Orchestra, which was quite good. Nothing too serious and good fun.

Girlfixer was next. I have to admit to really liking this band. Punk verging on the rocky side, with a female vocalist.

Gimpfist are a streetpunk band, and well worth checking out if they play near you.
I didn’t catch too much of either Cro Mags or 7 Seconds ( due to wanting to see other bands in different venues) but was very impressed. They both play loud fast Hardcore and if they’re playing Rebellion next year I’m seeing more of their sets .

The Skints play a reggae ska dub funk punk! With the emphasis on the reggae. Everyone was dancing and swaying to the chilled out vibe. The female singer seems to play about 5 different instruments, including that stalwart of punk rock gigs…..the flute.

The only song by The Gallows that I’d heard was their bastardisation of “Staring at the Rude Boys” ft Lethal Bizzle Schnizzle (or something like that). So it was with some trepidation that I went to see them, but thought I’d give it a go. They were far better than I expected. The singer did chat a bit too much between songs for my liking, but they were good. Sort of scream metal hardcore streetpunk. If that’s possible. Sadly they did murder “I Fought the Law”, but at least there was one song I could sing along with!

Bad Religion were brilliant. They played as if it was their first time ever playing to their UK fans and they only had an hour to get through 30 years’ worth of their music. The set lasted about 90 minutes and they did not stop. There was hardly any timewasting between songs and often one song went straight into the next one, then into the next and so on. They play melodic, harmonic, hardcore. And they do it very very well.

King Blues – Listen to this its fuckin brilliant

These are probably the best lyrics I have heard this decade….I don’t care what you say. This song brings all the angst from the seventies and carries it through the decades to today….absolutely fuckin amazin…….

I owe King Blues a massive apology. At Rebellion last year I was looking for raw Punk Rock and the noise that came with it. I watched King Blues and didn’t rate them at all……I watched this video this morning, (because SFBTim watched them Thursday night and told me again how great they are), and realise I missed the point. This is pure Punk Rock at its lyrical best, carrying a message and promoting change.