Political Rant – Part 2

If you read my first political rant you will note that I am a white middle aged, mortgage/kids/holiday kind of guy. I just want new readers to understand that before I rant once more on the subject of todays politics.

David Cameron today stated:

We will soon publish a White Paper setting out our approach to public service reform. It will put in place principles that will signal the decisive end of the old-fashioned, top-down, take-what-you’re-given model of public services. And it is a vital part of our mission to dismantle Big Government and build the Big Society in its place.

Am I missing the point or are public services not the responsibility of our government? In my workplace this practice would be management by abdication and the abondonment of responsibility. This is abandonment of those not wealthy or intelligent enough to live in a decent house, or send their kids to a decent school.

Our demacracy allows us to freely elect the government who should be making the correct decisions for all of society, and not handing over the responsibility to private companies who will make profits, or charitys who are underfunded, and run in the most by unqualified volunteers.

Once there is nothing left to privatise will this mean the abolition of Governement itself? What else are they going to do? Freely elected goverment should nurture its people, allow them to realise dreams, live in a safe home, go to work and contribute to society. It will allow for children go to a school near where they live and receive the same standard of education that everyone else has irrespective of which town they live in. Instead we are creating a postcode society where the address you live will determin your education, health care and even if your bin gets emptied.

Just because successive governments have failed to provide the perfect system for all, does that mean they should give up? By privatising everything they are abandoning their responsibilies, the responsibilities we give them by voting. This should not be allowed to happen.

I would ask you all, at the next available opportunity let them know they are letting their people down – the real people.

Political Rant

I guess I am lucky to enjoy my life, and the life I have had. I’ve got a great family, mortgage, car, kids, grandkids, ipod, Playstation, website and blog. I’ve got a job I enjoy most days, and I get a holiday every year….I am probably what I would have called middle class.

I am nostalgic, hence this blog and the Punk Grandad T-shirts (for which I am currently £94 in profit  ). I go to gigs, listen to the old music, (and some new stuff), and I go to Rebellion…..my life is so normal.

Why am I telling you this……well I can see history repeating itself. The government is Blue, the poor are about to be hit the hardest, social housing is going to become ghettoised. And what are we doing about it……nothing. Sure there are debates on the TV, but we are told the cuts are necessary and we seem to be accepting it. We all have to work another year, we are accepting it. Our kids will have to pay more to for further education….(who does that suit?)….we are accepting it. Public services, our services, are being hit the hardest…and we are accepting it. What the fuck has gone wrong?

We need the Punk attitude to come to the surface, we need to fight apathy, we need to fight acceptance of what is clearly not right, we need to help the people who need it most, not the bankers, politicians, not me as a middle class citizen. And I’m not talking of extremism, anti-capitalism, ‘have to live in a squat to have an opinion’ type of protest, but simple stuff like buy a big issue, donate to a charity that helps the poor, do some volunteer work, look out for a neighbour…jesus, it can’t be that hard.

And when the time comes, vote for someone who wants to help others worse off than you….its hard when you have a job and a mortgage and a family and a car and a holiday…..but some people, human beings like you and me, live in poverty in this country because they might not be educated, live in a ‘bad’ area or simply have made a wrong choice in life.

If we can cast our minds back to the 70’s, or read some history, take the lyrics of Crass, the Jam, Subhumans, King Blues, the attitude of the Clash and the Dead Kennedy’s and hundreds of other bands and idols, really take note of the words we used to preach, take it all in and fast forward to today, we really can make a difference to some peoples lives, because we will have the right attitude and we will care…a lot more than the fuckers in government today.

Rant over.