Sat listening to my ipod and Helter Skelter by Souisxie kicked in and it just hit the spot. What a fantastic cover. It took a mediocre Beatles number and turned it into a Punk classic……bloody marvellous. This got me thinking and so I thought I’d post five of my favourites. Enjoy.

1. Helter Skelter – Souisxie and the Banshees

2. U2 and Green Day – The Saints are Coming. Brilliant song by the Skids made into a political statement by this version.

3. Police and Thieves – The Clash. Cover of a Junior Mervin song and the first time I’d really listened to a Reggae tune.I love the Clash for that.

4. White Christmas – Stiff Little Fingers. Great feel good song covered at 100mph….love it

5. Stranglers – Walk on By. Just for the bassline…..

Of course there are 100’s of covers that can be considered Punk, or covers of Punk….if you like something more let us know or post it……